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Create a prompt

Creates a new fine-tune model from training images which in turn will be used to create prompts and generate images.


text (required)

Description of the image.

negative_prompt (optional)

A comma separated list of words that should not appear in the image.

callback (optional)

a URL that will be called when the prompt is done processing. The callback is a POST request where the body contains the prompt object. See more.

num_images (optional)

Number of images to generate. Range: 1-8.

seed (optional)

Random number to create consistent results. Range: 0 to 2^32.

super_resolution (optional)

Boolean. X4 super-resolution.

inpaint_faces (optional)

Boolean. Requires super-resolution on. Inpaints faces.

hires_fix (optional)

Boolean. Super resolution details. Available only when super_resolution is true. Adds details.

face_correct (optional)

Boolean. Runs another AI model on top to correct the face in the image.

face_swap (optional)

Boolean. Uses training images to swap face and enhance resemblance.

cfg_scale (optional)

Float. How strictly the diffusion process adheres to the prompt text (higher values keep your image closer to your prompt). Range 0-15

steps (optional)

Integer. Number of diffusion steps to run . Range 0-50

use_lpw (optional)

Boolean. Use weighted prompts.

w (optional)

width - In multiples of 8.

h (optional)

height - In multiples of 8.

scheduler (optional)

enum: euler, euler_a, dpm++2m_karras, dpm++sde_karras, lcm, tcd. If not specified the default account scheduler will be used.

backend_version (optional)

enum: null, 1, If not specified will default to the account version will be used.

color_grading (optional)

enum: Film Velvia, Film Portra, Ektar.

film_grain (optional)

boolean - Adds noise to the image to make it look more realistic.

Img2Img / ControlNet

controlnet (optional)

Requires input_image. Possible values: composition, reference, segroom, ipadapter, lineart, canny, depth, mlsd, hed, pose, pose_with_hand, pose_with_face, pose_face_and_hand, tile, qr.

denoising_strength (optional)

For img2img. 1.0 - Take prompt. 0.0 - Take image. Range: 0.0-1.0. Default: 0.8

controlnet_conditioning_scale (optional)

Strength of controlnet conditioning. 0.0-1.0

controlnet_txt2img (optional)

Boolean toggle. True for text to image controlnet. False for image to image controlnet.

input_image (optional)

Binary multi-part request with the image. Used in conjunction with controlnet parameter.

input_image_url (optional)

URL to an image. Used in conjunction with controlnet parameter.

mask_image (optional)

Binary multi-part request with one channel mask image. Used in conjunction with input_image parameter for inpainting

mask_image_url (optional)

URL to a one channel mask image. Used in conjunction with input_image_url parameter for inpainting.


Returns a prompt object if successful which will start processing if tune is processed.

POST /tunes/:id/prompts

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY" \
-F prompt[text]="a painting of ohwx man in the style of Van Gogh" \
-F prompt[negative_prompt]="old, blemish, wrin" \
-F prompt[super_resolution]=true \
-F prompt[face_correct]=true \
-F prompt[callback]=""


"id": 1,
"callback": "",
"text": "a painting of ohwx man in the style of Van Gogh",
"negative_prompt": "old, blemish, wrinkles, mole",
"cfg_scale": null,
"steps": null,
"seed": null,
"trained_at": null,
"started_training_at": null,
"created_at": "2022-10-06T16:12:54.505Z",
"updated_at": "2022-10-06T16:12:54.505Z",
"tune_id": 1,
"url": ""