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Backend V1


Backend V1 is a complete rewrite of the original image inference and processing pipeline. Here are some of the improvements:

  1. Hi-Res (aka Super-Resolution Details) for SDXL is available.
  2. Faster.
  3. Better handling of loading multiple LoRAs.
  4. DPM++/Karras and DPM++SDE/Karras better results, especially with SDXL.
  5. Civit results should be easy to reproduce.

Features still pending implementation for Backend V1:

  1. TCD sampler
  2. FaceID with --faceid_portrait
  3. --fix_bindi

As this is still in BETA stages, we encourage you to report any issues you may encounter using the support email.


You can find the "Backend version" dropdown in the Advanced settings of the prompt. Alternatively you may select the default account version for the account in the user account setting

For API usage provide the backend_version attribute in the Prompt payload. See: Create Prompt for more details.

Backend V1 advanced settings